Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Distant Lands of Remembrance

they were cooling the blood in the river nearby
immersing tattered toes after a long run so they may
at least feel the rounded stones with emerald kelp
mantled the road was harsh and the wind in hush
somehow told the muttered song for the nasty children

a flock of working bees searching for the nectar
one buzzed in the curly ginger hair of Rita
who brought to show me the wedding earrings of
her mother when I first came in that neighborhood

then I was catching the butterflies needling them
in a recycled paper I never knew they were so
to draw them afterwards with the pastel crayons
my father bought somewhere in Croatia when
he merchandised he knew what

she became a sparkling beauty and disappeared
making me never see her again even with somebody
else even with my old friends who perhaps went in
Europe to work as miracle workers wouldn’t recognize
the one  I became- old friends that mock our way of life
today that is far- far more tend to oblivion- everything
is blurred in distant lands of remembrance

Monday, March 02, 2015

Gentle Mortification

Piles of Men bones and then… digged from the holes hidden deep in earth.
Stones and ashes with sweat of slaves you think we don’t have them today.
My hair turned grey and the vision shortened. It suffocated by bizarre images
created throughout the world and beyond. Who said and who had ever promised
us to come down on earth and enjoy our vacation, for life demands more than
I may see, more than I may feel, more than I may utter the first word of
the first language- that of Silence.

There’s another Soul evaporating on the deck and in the shore the breeze blows
odors of their smelly sweat. They watch as they wait in the queue their turn
to death entrance. That Gate open-heartedly awaits so many …a way so many
guests for their retirement. There is a vast Space beyond blissful Knowing and
the bells rang beneath the roof of the utmost Heaven.
You see. Even Death is different, not only Fate, not only Joy, not only
uninterrupted Smile- The one that demolishes every hatred. Even Love is different

in the process of your Gentle mortification.
Then ask me where is Freedom, where is the Turquoise bone of Destiny and
the days as cheap minerals overwhelming Life taken as corn seeds by chicken
and a rooster with the chirping voice who calls them and don’t allow them
to have even a grain.

…and the flowers are frozen by the snow on the April’s end- this Spring has
betrayed us all- sour are the strawberries, you think you eat cherries.

…and what else do you think we shall do when the Sun burns your shadow
until it disappears.

Who said you have a right to call me Life- when in real I’m only
a Gentle Mortification.

Friday, February 13, 2015


Çmimi i Veprës së Vitit i ka takuar shkrimtarit İrfan Morina me veprën “Şemsettin Sami’nin Vicdan”, ndërkohë ai për suksesin jetësor Fikri Şişko. Poeti i viti u shpall autori shqiptar Fahredin Shehu, kurse poeti Kujtim Paçaku, me veprën “Ateşin Etrafında”(Rreth zjarrëve) u shpërblye me çmimin për përkthimin më të mirë të librit në gjuhën turke
Kreshnik Bekteshi
Për të tretën herë me radhë, shtëpia botuese turke në vend “Imza” në bashkëpunim Qendrën Kulturore Turke Yunus Emre në Prishtinë, ka ndarë të enjten mbrëma gjashtë çmime letrare.
“Imza”, e njohur si botuese e librave shqip, turqisht dhe në atë boshnjake, në këtë mënyrë ka shpërblyer shkrimtarët dhe poetët nga Kosova, për veprat e tyre me të cilat u tha se pasurojnë letërsinë bashkëkohore.


Cmimi vjetor IMZA, Yunus Emre Insitut Prishtina, 12. 02 2015


Çmime letrare në gjashtë kategori

Publikuar: 2015-02-11 13:40:49
Shtëpia botuese Imza, e njohur si botuese e librave turqisht, shqip dhe boshnjakisht ndan çmimet letrare për tri vite me radhë në ceremoninë e organizuar me titullin “Çmimet Letrare Kosovare të Revistës Imza”
“Ceremonia e Shpërndarjes së Çmimeve Letrare të Revistës Imza 2014” me mbështetjen e Qendrës Kulturore Turke të Prishtinës Yunus Emre Enstitüsü, do të mbahet të enjten, në ora 18:00, në Qendrën KulturoreTurke Yunus Emre Enstitüsü në Prishtinë .
Shtëpia botuese Imza, e njohur si botuese e librave turqisht, shqip dhe boshnjakisht ndan çmimet letrare për tri vite me radhë në ceremoninë e organizuar me titullin “Çmimet Letrare Kosovare të Revistës Imza”. Në këtë mënyrë ajo shpërblen shkrimtaret dhe poetet kosovar për veprat e çmueshme me të cilat ata e pasurojnë letërsinë bashkëkohore. Në ceremoninë e këtij viti autorët do të shpërblehen në gjashtë kategori.

Këto janë shkrimtaret dhe poetet dhe veprat e tyre që do të shpërblehen:

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Çmimi i Vitit për Përkthim Libri - Kujtim Paçaku me veprën ‘’Ateşin Etrafında’’ 
Çmimi i Veprës së Vitit - İrfan Morina dhe vepra e tij ‘’Şemsettin Sami’nin ‘Vicdan’’’ 
Çmimi për Suksesin Jetësor - Fikri Şişko 
Çmimi për Poetin e Vitit - Fahredin Shehu./

TARGET Çfarë tekstesh mësimore kemi? TARGET, RTK, autor Donat Syla, mysafire: Xhevat Syla, Fahredin Shehu, Texhep Kastrati, Petrit Tahiri, 12, 02. 2015

Monday, June 30, 2014

Balkans and Islam

In the growing body of literature about the evolution and the role of Islam in Europe as a whole and the Balkans in particular, this volume holds a special place as it offers a multidisciplinary approach to the encounter-transformation-discontinuity-continuity of Islam in the region. Thus, it provides excellent material for students of social and political studies, history and even architecture, at the bachelor and master level. At the same time, it aspires to attract ...........

Friday, June 06, 2014

William S. Peters Sr.

the following poem was inspired by my Brother Fahredin Shehu
and this prayerful verse offered
May the dove of Peace descend from the gentle breeze of the Grand Soul
May your hand be cleft if you ever stop writing thus beautiful on Love
May all curses an hexes fall upon me If I ever abandon the grace you've dispersed throughout the World.
You are a Torchbearer that enlightens even the darkest hearts.
I bow...
For Eternity and a Day more...
check out the feature on Fahredin at Inner Child Magazine
I am the light
have looked to the west
for my bounty and my solace
chasing the light o’er the horizon
when i awakened and became conscious
i realized that if i go to the East
i would meet the light
at it’s source
this is when we found each other’s souls
my brother
and now we sit
where we are
stand where we are
be where we are
for we are wise
and realize
that the light,
the way,
the truth
we once chased
is within us . . .
i am the light, the truth and the way
© 6 June 2014 : william s. peters, sr.